Week in Coffee - Week 43 (2018)

For Everyone | 29 October 2018

Roaster Interviews: Jasper of The Barn

Next up in our ongoing series of Coffee Roaster interviews is Jasper De Clerck - Head Roaster @ The Barn in Berlin

How will Brexit affect my Coffee Business?

It’s not far away, and it’s definitely complicated, so what does Brexit mean for hiring and management of your people? Our expert HR advisor has boiled it down for us.

Ethiopia’s Garden of Coffee Heading to China

But it’s big plan is to open over 100 café roasteries across China by 2022. Through a subscription service, customers will also be able to receive their favourite coffee of choice in one, two, or four-week intervals.

Roasters Leveraging Technology

We wrote up barista automation last week. This week Daily Coffee News interviewed some roasters about their tech. Not too much new stuff but interesting that UV light is on there to detect green coffee defects!

Redemption Roasters opens at Kings Cross

In the Coal Drops Yard @ Kings Cross.

Oatly Sponsored 80% discount on specialty coffees

Odd discount amount, and not too many shops, but ran in all Taylor St shops through 28th October. Combined with their big transport ads, Oatly are having a big push

Michelle Perrett is the new editor Coffee Business World

As I take over as editor this week I know that there is a huge amount of support for Coffee Business World. There are already over 40,000 subscribers in only a matter of months.

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