How Coffee Jobs Board Works for Employers

There are two ways to use the Coffee Jobs Board to find professionals for your business.

Post a Job Listing

Creating a public job listing lets professionals who are looking for jobs to easily discover you and the positions you are looking to fill.

Specify preferred skills and experience levels and our bespoke matching algorithm will you show you the best matched candidates to help you prioritise your hiring.

Use CV Search

Search our library of coffee professionals and reach out to candidates who look to be a good fit.

Specifiy preferred skills and experience and our bespoke matching algorithm will highlight the canddiates that match your requirements most closely.

Bespoke to Coffee

The Coffee Jobs Board is the largest jobs platform built specifically for the coffee industry. We have several core features that can help you find and assess candidates to potentially hire into your business.

Hire for Coffee Specific Roles

Categorise your job posting or candidate search by specific job role to make them super relevant to candidates and let our candidate matching algorithm show you those with most experience in that role.

Hire for Coffee Specific Skills

If your business has made it name with excellent espresso, designer latte art of serious Q grading of each roast you can find your next team member who excels at those skills. We've broken down key skills in each job role set preferred skills experience for candidate applications.

Let us sift for you

We have a large pool of qualified coffee professionals applying for jobs every day. Instead of overwhelming you with a list of applicants, we rank and sort the most promising applications based on experience and skills - this automating sifting can help you prioritise your own screening process on those that match your job most closely.

How much does it cost?

There are a range of products and services on the Coffee Jobs Board. The product and service pricing is broken down over here.

Note we do offer discounted job posting bundles for 2 or more jobs, and we offer prices in GBP, USD, EUR and AUD - we'll assign pricing to you based on the country that you sign up in.

Still have questions?

Feel fre to drop us a note via [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer your questions!