How do I post a job?

To post a job, you will have to set up a free user account and create a profile of your business.

Once your account is ready, login, click on the post a job button and fill the job description form. Be as detailed as possible! This will give us the opportunity to match and show your listing to candidates with the right skills, increasing the quality of applications.

How much does it cost to post a job?

Regular adverts cost £15

Premium adverts cost £50 - they can also be purchased in bundles of 2 to 5 jobs with a 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% discount respectively.

Featured adverts cost £200

What’s the difference between these job offerings?


Meant for those businesses that need a lot of exposure and views on their advert. They are pinned/fixed at the top of the board for 30 days, and there is a limit of 6 of these listings per board.


Premium job posts are published in chronological order in the first fold of each board. They get 3-5 times more views than regular adverts since they can be found on the first pages.


These adverts are listed right after premium job posts - perfect for small businesses that do not require a massive amount of applications or under a budget.

Can I repost an expired job?

Yes! Go to the “Your jobs” link on your user dashboard. Scroll down to the “Expiring listings” and then click on the edit link where you’ll be taken to the job description form.

Can you give my job a little boost?

Job refresh is only available to users that have a membership. Members get two (2) auto job refreshes (every 10 days) within the 30 days that jobs are active.

How does a membership work?

Memberships are a monthly subscription that will entitle you to a 25% discount for every premium advert, auto refresh for every job posted, unlimited Candidate Search search and a free regular advert per month.

How do I use the Candidate Search?

Once you have purchased a 7 or 30-day Candidate Search access, you are going to be able to browse through thousands of coffee professionals that are willing to be contacted directly by hiring businesses.

In the Candidate Search bar, select the role you are looking to fill, its location, emergency shift availability, years of experience required for the role or associated role and the skill sets needed for the position. Hit the search button, and we’ll show you a pool of candidates that best match your search criteria. Click a candidate to review his/her profile and click on the contact button to send an invitation/contact message.


How do I find a job?

From our homepage, go to the search bar and type the location (postcode, neighbourhood, borough, city, state or country) you want to browse jobs in. Browse through the active listings and register to apply to the jobs of your interest.

How do I apply for a job?

Create an account and fill in a profile with your coffee experience and skill sets. The more detailed, the better to help us match and share relevant job offers according to your experience. When you have found a job of your interest, click on the apply button, draft a small introductory message and attach your CV and Cover Letter if instructed.

Can you offer a job or place me in a job?

Unfortunately not. We’re not a job placement agency and can’t offer any direct jobs. We suggest you look for available job openings on our website, shortlist the ones you like and apply to those which you believe are a good fit for your experience. If you’ve got what it takes, you will be most likely contacted within a week by hiring businesses.