Date Posted:
22 Jun
London, GB
Café Manager
Job Type:
33000.0 - 35000.0
Salary Type:

MORE THAN JUST A MANAGER, we are looking for a VISIONARY LEADER who can reimagine this already popular South East London coffee shop and LEAD A TEAM in taking it to the NEXT LEVEL of quality, vibes, popularity, efficiency, and profitability.

We are looking for a star performer to operate and grow the business quite autonomously (like the CEO of a company), with the shareholders/owners always available to advise and support. (Yes, it feels cheesy to use a corporate analogy, but it’s the best we’ve got.)


-£33,000-£35,000 salary, plus 5% profit sharing

-No one breathing down your neck

-30 days annual leave

-Pension scheme

-Opportunity for career growth as the business expands

-Create your own schedule, with a general expectation that you will work an average of 40 hours per week (keep in mind that when you run a small team, it is usually necessary to work some weekends, and also to have the flexibility to cover for staff absences).


You are a friendly people-person with a passion for specialty coffee, creating ambiance, and thrive on maximising business potential.

You are effective in management/leadership.

You are energised by the buzz and challenge of a busy, fast-paced environment.

You understand and appreciate the bottom line and have a numbers-driven approach.


Mughead Coffee is a popular hub of friendly connections, specialty coffee, and famous cinnamon rolls located by Goldsmiths University in New Cross. We serve Square Mile Coffee from a VA Black Eagle with milk delivered direct from Northiam Dairy in Kent. Alongside our deliberate focus on quality specialty coffee and our famous American-style cinnamon rolls, we also serve a handful of other pastries and sandwiches.

See instagram.com/mugheadcoffee


-Consume information on business, leadership, hospitality, and specialty coffee.

-Identify both the promising and problematic elements of Mughead Coffee.

-Develop a bold and ambitious vision for the future of Mughead (short and long term).

-Help find a new property in New Cross and oversee the relocation to that new shop (in the short term), and further find sites for expansion (in the medium and long term).

-Recruit, shape, and lead a team to execute your vision.

-Lead from the front, lead by example.

-Mastermind Mughead branding, brand-awareness, marketing, and promotions.

-Personally sustain a sense of ownership, pride, and passion.

-Minimise costs (within the scope of maintaining quality) and maximise revenue.

-Prioritise lean staffing (through efficiency, speed, hiring well, and firing well) in order to have as few staff on shift as possible, with those few being high performing…and well paid.

-Ensure that rigorous standards for both the premises and the products are always maintained.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY, foster team morale, passion, fun, and happiness, AND constantly surprise customers with abnormally high customer service and friendliness!

It is important to note that Mughead is currently a small business with a small team, so (like a small business owner) you will personally be the driving force carrying most of the weight on many of the shifts. At the same time, you must not be so busy working IN the business, that you don’t have enough time to work ON the business, continually making it better. You will allocate time for admin, maintenance, planning and business development.

‘LEADING-FROM-THE-FRONT’ will have many ongoing aspects, including:

-Personally pursuing perfection and speed in coffee skills and latte art

-Menu creation and evolution (the food offering can move towards simplicity or complexity depending on your vision)

-Sourcing ingredients

-Food preparation (especially mastering the cinnamon rolls)

-Developing systems


-Health and Safety compliance and documentation

-Monitoring and Reporting Key Performance Indicators (sales, labour percentages, cost of goods, etc) to the owners and team