Head Coffee Roaster

at 39 Steps Coffee Haus

Date Posted:
11 Mar
London, GB
Job Type:
Dependent on Experience
Salary Type:

We’re looking to hire a Full-Time, experienced Head Roaster to our dedicated Production Team.

We’re looking for someone who is experienced in roasting multiple coffee profiles, a leader in consistency & quality control, and excited to impact a growing industry.

This is a full-time position with competitive benefits and potential for growth.

Job Tasks;

  • Responsible for the day-to-day roasting operations on an industrial coffee roaster.

  • Ensures all final product meets quality standards. Recommends changes to roasting profiles to improve quality.

  • Maintains meticulous roasting logs. Validates logs for accuracy. Records quality checks.

  • Develops new operating procedures to consistently produce high-quality roasted coffee.

  • Recommends equipment to purchase to improve roasting and whole bean coffee processing.

  • Responsible for accurately weighing, labelling, bagging, and grinding whole bean coffee.

  • Maintains excellent cleanliness and general housekeeping practices.

  • Properly uses safety protocols for cleaning, brewing, packaging and quality testing.

  • Conducts coffee cuppings and promotes a strong coffee culture throughout the Company.

  • Assists with green coffee inventory tracking, sampling and purchasing. Recommends selections of green coffees.

  • Responsible for roaster maintenance schedule and repairs.

About You;

  • Passionate about coffee.

  • Meticulous attention to detail.

  • Possess at least 4 years of professional coffee roasting experience.

  • Sensory analysis skills required.

  • Experience with food safety, quality control, and other protocols.

  • SERV Safe, PCQI, and other FSMA certifications are a plus.

  • Data-driven, experimentation mindset, and a thirst for knowledge to develop the best coffee profiles possible.

The name 39 Steps Coffee Haus refers to the number of different steps that it takes to make a cup of coffee, tracking the journey of the bean on the coffee plantation, through to the cup.

Each coffee at the 39 Steps Coffee Roasters is selected by small-acre coffee growers from around the world and only the best beans make the cut.

Once arrived, rigorous testing and tastings take place to ensure the perfect roast and flavour.

Once roasted, the beans are packaged in one-way valve coffee bags before being shipped. Each bag features a ‘roasted on’ date, as well as information about the beans enclosed, for the customer to be sure of the freshness and quality of the product.

The roastery has been founded on creating more than just an exceptional product. We have secured and tasted specialty coffee for over the course of more than a decade and, with 39 Steps there is the opportunity to start making a deeper and longer lasting impact on the farms we work with. It’s our new standard, and a standard we hope to bring to the on trade and businesses, as well as households, across the nation.’