Head Barista

at Climpson and Sons

Date Posted:
14 Nov
London, GB
Head Barista
Job Type:
12.45 - 12.45
Salary Type:

The role of the Head Barista is to ensure that the quality of coffee is at its highest and our specialty coffee offering is communicated internally, as well as to our customer base. This role will require coffee quality control, an ability to train new staff members, inform on new coffees and create recipes accordingly, maintenance and upkeep.

As Climpson & Son’s head barista, you are expected to maintain an interest in all things coffee and have a legitimate desire to learn, better your skills and share your knowledge with staff and customers. A team spirit and excellent communication skills are needed to keep a high standard and interest among the staff and customers. See yourself as an ambassador for Climpson & Sons, get involved with events and showcasing Climpson’s and our coffees.

This is a varied role with duties and expectations such as:

Coffee QC: Setting coffee quality standards within the team and making sure every team member achieves them.

Developing each team member’s skills and always looking to push and improve them.

Keeping a high level of cleanliness while working on the machine. Ensuring staff also maintain a high level of cleanliness. . Being educated and knowledgeable on the range available. Briefing the team when new coffees are released and making sure everyone tastes them. Cuppings, espresso and filter methods.

Ensuring staff are able to talk about our range in a confident and educated manner.

Creating and maintaining a direct link with the Roastery. Working to improve quality with the roastery team by sharing recipes and any feedback on certain coffees and roast dates directly with the roastery.

Regular attendance at cuppings.

Developing recipes for our coffee. Espresso and batch brew for both sites.

Ensuring staff are informed of current recipes and are competent in using them.

Making sure all coffee is rotated and managed, especially with ensuring coffee changovers being in time with webshop launch.

Maintaining a high level of consistency. Regularly monitoring at the cafe and Spitalfields to make sure recipes are followed and consistent.

Maintenance: Ensuring espresso machines, grinders and other brewing equipment are in good working/clean condition at all times. Communicating with the Tech team when maintenance work is needed.

Ensuring other staff are maintaining the espresso machine and grinders with a high standard of care.

Management & General: Also acting as a supervisor within the team. Ordering when required, leading the shift.

Ensuring customer service is at its highest amongst yourself and the staff.

Training: Running Home Workshop sessions as required.

Contribute to and lead monthly cupping clubs

Opportunity to enter coffee competitions, supported.

Skills & Qualifications A passion for working with people A minimum of two years working in a high-end speciality coffee environment Ideally, a minimum of one year in a supervisory or management capacity Exceptional coffee preparation skills and coffee knowledge An understanding of the ins and outs of running a cafe would be preferable. Excellent communication and organisation skills Ideally, experience in public speaking or Presentation skills Fluent in written and spoken English Experience with equipment and troubleshooting.

Benefits: All you can drink specialty coffee Reduced rates on food & beverage at Climpsons Cafe and Brat. Weekly yoga at a reduced rate Opportunities to learn and develop skills in coffee, management Staff BBQs and events Bcorp certified business

Application: Please apply with a CV and cover letter about your experience and why you are the best person for the role to [email protected] and [email protected]