Cafe Manager and Assistant Manager

at Hand Cafe

Date Posted:
29 Nov
London, GB
Café Manager
Job Type:
19.7 - 26.0
Salary Type:

Hand Cafe Manager and Assistant Manager

Lead a team to serve an ingredient-led menu and great coffee in a spacious, leafy stretch in East London. Build the team, set the standard at Hand Cafe, one of London’s most open and inviting spaces.

Hand Cafe

We are an independent neighbourhood cafe, which focuses on well-made, well-sourced food and beverage, that allows the cafe and therefore the customer, to support local and small-scale producers who care about what they make. 

Hand is not a Greek cafe, but the food is inspired by a Greek approach to food, taking the values of simplicity, seasonality and good sourcing, into the brunch and lunch context. Not to mention, the inclusion of many Greek staples: olive oil, indigenous grape wines, pulses, cheeses, pastas, herbs, teas, spices. 

The coffee is ‘third-wave’, and is made by disciplined baristas, we are proud to have worked with Square Mile Coffee for over seven years, and we aim to uphold their vision and principles in relation to coffee, just as our sister-cafe 46b Espresso Hut has done since 2012.


The Role

The Manager must work closely with the owners and is responsible for overseeing the full operation all aspects of the cafe. 

Assistant Manager will aim to perform all duties of the Manager, support the Manager in his role and for temporary periods be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the cafe.

The Benefits

The benefits of working for Hand Cafe is an opportunity to be inspired, get paid a competitive salary with holiday, and pension scheme; work sociable day time hours; free lunch and cafe beverages from our inspiring menu, discounts on products; personal and professional development; working with a passionate team and inspirational products and suppliers; expert coffee training and product knowledge development.

Do you think you have the character, manner and ambition to thrive at Hand cafe? Do you have the real-time skills, training and development experience and knowledge of managerial organisation to run Hand Cafe smoothly? If so we’d love to hear from you? Read on for details…

We require the following essential experience and knowledge from you. You should be able to:

Character, manner and ambition:

Embody ‘the way’ of your employer in every aspect. Be the example, in conduct and performance. Take care of your customers, giving them a positive experience. Be friendly, outgoing and able to connect with people. Communicate appropriately with all customers, staff, and employers. Have a desire to grow your outlook, work capacity and efficiency, managerial skills and product knowledge. Develop the business to increase sales and the business ethos. Have a conviction to minimise waste in every aspect of the cafe.

Real time skills:

Make high-quality products: espresso based specialty coffee, baking and food. Take and oversee orders. Perform all shop duties when required. Delegate roles appropriately to staff members. Multi-task; to be able to make beverages, take orders and delegate tasks at the same time. Promptly reprioritise individual and team actions to the changing scenarios that occur in a cafe.  Oversee and perform cleaning systems.

Training and development:

Develop staff, growing their mentality and personal expectations, training them to master practical skills, keeping them on track, motivated and disciplined. Hire new staff members, overseeing trials, getting staff up to speed in good time.  Ensure that staff perform their tasks, duties and responsibilities with a good attitude, and can be developed.

Managerial organisation:

Execute an affective and realistic rota in good time to ensure the cafe is appropriately staffed at all times.   Keep an accurate log of staff hours. Engage and keep abreast of local activities, events, weather conditions which may affect the increase or decrease of trade and implementing necessary changes. Place all orders to meet the needs of the cafe, in a flexible schedule, protecting cashflow, and avoiding waste. Keep all aspects of Health and safety administered and recorded at all times: fire safety, food safety, safety in the work place, etc.

Desirable experience, knowledge and certificates:

Experience with Square Mile Coffee Espresso, Synesso Espresso Machines, or a similar company. Knowledge of coffee, food and wine: making coffee to a recipe, weighing coffee ‘in and out’, knowledge of seasonal food, principles of quality produce and low intervention wine production. Knowledge and enthusiasm for brunch, seasonality, zero waste. Level 2 Food Safety Certificate in Catering. First Aid certificate. Personal license.

If this role appeals to you please email Dominic at with your C.V of relevant experience and a short statement (200 words max) outlining why you are applying for the position.