Cafe Manager

at Walworth Living Room Cafe

Date Posted:
03 Nov
London, GB
Café Manager
Job Type:
30030.0 - 30030.0
Salary Type:

1 REVENUE MANAGEMENT ● Ensure that all transactions - including sales, discounts, voids and stock transfers - are correctly recorded. ● Minimise fraud by putting in place systems with the Director of Finance and Operations. ● Maximise transaction numbers and values, wherever possible, to grow café sales. ● Develop/create processes with the finance team to ensure the accounts are accurate. ● Develop and manage process to deliver a catering offer including menu development (with the Head Chef)

2 COST MANAGEMENT With the Head Chef, manage all purchasing and ordering to maximise value for money and minimise waste, stock loss and expiry. ● Record all relevant transactions in the appropriate software, where applicable making and recording stock takes.

3 STAFF MANAGEMENT & TRAINING ● Day to day management and training of staff and volunteers, to ensure a high quality of customer service, efficient preparation of food and drink, and a safe and clean working environment. ● Leading team feedback sessions for potential ways to operate the café more efficiently and to grow sales or increase community engagement with the WLR and with Pembroke House. ● Create a comprehensive cafe manual that can be used by all staff when working in the cafe and includes all systems, processes and FAQs for the space.

4 FOOD SAFETY AND HEALTH AND SAFETY ● Ensure that at all times the cafe is compliant with all applicable foodservice and workplace regulation, including allergen information and the charity’s Health and Safety policies. ● Develop processes to ensure Health and Safety Legislation is adhered to and reduce risk. ● Work with Community Activities Project Officer to develop a system for managing food safety for the Community Fridge. ● Manage the food safety of the Community Fridge.

5 FOOD AND DRINK SERVICE ● Lead the café team to prepare and serve food and drinks items correctly, efficiently, safely and as per the product instructions – including barista coffee

6 ENGAGEMENT ● Interact with customers, creating a welcoming environment and encouraging repeat custom. ● Promote other activities by the charity to customers and gain insight and feedback as to community needs, assets and opportunities.

7 OTHER ● A commitment to the Equal Opportunities Policy of Pembroke House. ● Contribute to our organisation as a whole by taking part actively in discussions and learning days.

8 OCCASIONAL DUTIES ● Complete other tasks commensurate with the level of the role

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