Barista Supervisor

at Browns of Brockley

Date Posted:
22 May
London, GB
Assistant Café Manager
Job Type:
15.0 - 15.0
Salary Type:

Hi! Please read the whole text and respond to the list of questions at the bottom.

Browns of Brockley is a neighbourhood coffee shop established in 2009, with two other shops in Forest Hill and Dulwich, opened in 2020/2021.

We are looking for a full time Barista Supervisor for the original Brockley shop. You’d be responsible for leading shifts, helping train baristas and assisting the manager with day to day duties.

Ideally you will live nearby and be able to arrive promptly for early shifts (and enjoy early finishes!) without relying on public transport. Being situated in local neighbourhoods, we know most of our customers by name, have seen their kids grow up, know to ask how their new job is or how their holiday was. But also if somebody is visiting the area we know what to recommend, how to get to the post office, which train platform they need etc.

Our priority is, and always will be, the customer experience. To this end, we’re looking for someone who is most passionate about being at the front, making good coffee, working with the team and serving customers – not sitting out the back on a laptop.

You will ideally be able to focus on this role without any other major commitments, with a view to staying around for a good year or more. Further progression within the company is possible so a career-focused person in the coffee and hospitality industry would be well-suited.

You will be required to work with the senior management to constantly try to improve what we are doing across the shops, being open-minded and ready to receive constructive criticism in order for us to continue fostering the culture we like to think we have established over the last 15 years.

Everyone who works for us gets good discounts in affiliated businesses Joyce bar and Salthouse Bottles, and of course you can get coffee from any of the shops or markets on your days off.

Please apply with an up-to-date CV with relevant, recent experience at a similar speciality coffee business, along with a good cover letter explaining why you want to be a supervisor at Browns of Brockley. Your letter must include answers to the following questions:

• Do you drink coffee, and can you tell us a bit more about your interest and experience in modern coffee, including espresso dialling-in and latte art? It would be good to know your experience working with certain equipment, machinery and speciality coffee roasters.

• Can you tell us a little about your experience and approach to managing people?

• Do you have any other commitments that would mean you’re unable to work on certain weekdays? Weekends are our busiest time; if you have a regular commitment on a weekend day, unfortunately we cannot take you on.

• Do you have any plans, projects or holidays in the next year longer than a week, or any upcoming changes to your availability?

• If you were to be successful when would you be able to start working with us?

• When would you be able to come for an interview at Browns of Brockley, 5 Coulgate St SE4 2RW, between the hours of 10am–2pm Mon-Fri?