Our Products, For Employers


For those heavy users that hire staff regularly and want to find the best coffee professionals available, memberships offer a set of features that will help you get better staff in less time. For a monthly subscription you can get 25% off for all Premium adverts, all jobs posted will get re-listed on the top of the board after the second week of publishing and unlimited Candidate Search.


Because our boards show posted jobs in chronological order, our current featured adverts got pushed down making them lose that featured status. This is why we have 6 pinned/fixed featured banner adverts (larger card) at the top of each board for those businesses that need all eyes on their posts at all times.


Premium job posts are published on the top of each board getting 3-5 times more views than regular adverts. They can be purchased in bundles of 2-5 jobs with 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% respectively.


These adverts are listed right after premium job posts - perfect for small businesses that do not require a massive amount of applications or are under a budget.

Application rankings

As received applications start to pile up, it is sometimes hard to review and keep up with their review. This is why we will match every application with your job’s required skillset and present to you the best-ranked candidates for the position. This way you can save time and prioritise those applications that have a better chance to fill the job.

Candidate suggestions

Along with application rankings, for those users with an active Candidate Search, we suggest registered job seekers actively searching for a job that is a good match for your current adverts. This offers an additional pool of top candidates that will be a great addition to your staff.

Candidate Search

Our Candidate Search feature allows business to search and contact job seekers directly. Filter your search results by role, experience, specific skill sets or emergency shift availability to find the best match for the job. Regardless if you choose a 7 or 30-day access, all candidates contacted will not only receive an email but will also receive a text message to ensure a faster response from them. Additionally, all contacted candidates will be marked to keep a record of who has been messaged during your search.