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About T&T Unable to recreate the wild black sand west coast beaches, reckless road rage, and volcanic beauty of New Zealand’s largest city, our founder created a cool local cafe, just like the one round the corner from “the (legendary) garage” in Mt Eden. That’s the one where tall tales of the night before, plans for the day ahead and wild schemes for the future were discussed with good friends and flatmates over eggs benedict and a couple of flat whites. Or maybe french toast with bacon and a cheeky long black.  There were only two rules – the best food and the best coffee.  The first cafe opened in West Putney in early 2012 and it is called Tried & True because we’re not trying to be clever. Our Food Everything on our menu is created from scratch in our very own kitchen right here in Putney. We work with the finest artisan bakers, butchers and suppliers to bring you great tasting simple yet innovative fare.

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