Mouse Tail Coffee Stories

London, GB
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Within the past 6 years we have grown from small start-up ‘one-man-outdoor-coffee-van’ to 4 independent coffee shops, 2 coffee vans and a coffee roaster. We have our own central kitchen with a gorgeous chef who is skillful with both a knife and a cake tin so the majority of our food is homemade. Green beans for our coffee come from small farms all around the world and are roasted in our roaster in Clapton (trading under the name of Mission Coffee Works). Mouse Tail coffee shops are all ‘local businesses’ with 80% of the customers being our regulars (read: they come often enough so that we know exactly what they drink). Attention on service has always been a key part of our success- when you step in to our shop then you should instantly feel good and welcomed. We’ll bring that feeling with us to anywhere we go. Now with the addition of our brand new all-day neighbourhood restaurant in Canada Water we're feeding our passion even more.

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