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IKAWA is a scale-up business based in east London with customers in over 80 countries worldwide. We are the inventors of the world’s first digital micro roaster and are on a mission to invent solutions to drive positive change in coffee.

The B2B side of our businesses is IKAWA Pro.
Our award winning, app-controlled sample roasters make consistent sample roasting easy. They improve quality, save time, and encourage collaboration and learning through profile sharing.

Our goal is to connect the coffee world, make roasting more accessible and increase knowledge and understanding within the industry. IKAWA has already been disruptive in this sector and is currently being used every day by thousands of coffee roasteries, most recognisable household coffee brands, and a global network of producers, traders and trainers to help them improve coffee.

IKAWA At Home is the B2C sector.
The aim of our At Home business is to introduce coffee consumers to a new way of experiencing coffee at home which will in turn enable an alternative supply chain for green coffee beans, sourced more directly from producers.

IKAWA Home was a natural extension to our For Professionals product and was launched successfully using Kickstarter in 2014. It’s still very much in a start-up phase and as such has a greater focus on gaining the learning needed to generate sustainable growth.

We are assembling a talented team of people that can properly resource our key growth milestones and add to our existing competencies.

We are hiring for both IKAWA At Home and For Professional, please see individual job descriptions for the specific department.

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