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The Theatre

Welcome to Hampstead Theatre. We were born in a humble hut over fifty years ago. Our simple mission was to create original theatre without creative restriction. We quickly attracted a generation of talent that helped to redefine British Theatre. That not only entertained but propelled the art form forwards. We’re still driven by the same ambition. To challenge, influence and shape the future of British theatre. To create the future mainstream – entertaining experiences that are original and ambitious. We left our hut a long time ago and now occupy London’s newest theatre. Purpose built for the 21st century to allow our writers, actors, directors and producers maximum creative flexibility. It’s from this base that we will take our work to the wider world. To the West End. To the Internet. And beyond. Our ambitions are big. We aim to move theatre forwards with new ideas, talent and energy to excite our audiences with the lateral, the fresh and the unexpected. It’s part of our belief that innovation, reinvention and surprise are the lifeblood of true entertainment.

The Cafe Bar

From world famous Caravan Coffee and pastries in the mornings to fresh sandwiches, salads and soups, all made onsite, and sweet treats and cakes in the afternoon, our Cafe Bar is open throughout the day stocking a wide variety of unique, quality products.

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