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Cofinet and 3Brothers Coffee are two separate green coffee companies operating in collaboration to offer a wider range of coffees and a unique sourcing experience. - | - Cofinet was founded by Carlos and Felipe Arcila - 4th generation coffee growers from Armenia, Quindio in Colombia. We have an ever expanding range of over 180+ coffees from 9 different regions in Colombia. At our own farms we focus on exploring experimental processing techniques and exotic botanical varieties and export successful processing protocols and varieties to our network of growers. Alongside this we have our own regional programs and work with a number of cooperatives around the country to supply everything from entry level blenders to some of the best and most unique coffees in the world. - | - 3Brothers coffee was founded in 2011 by Tercio and Thiago Borba and is based in Po├žos de Caldas, Brazil. We are a vertically integrated Brazilian coffee company and manage all of our own exporting. Since the beginning 3Brothers Coffeehas been focused on bringing roasters closer to producers with the goal of developing relationships, transparency and long term sustainability. With full time operations on the ground we work with producers year around to develop better coffees and more sustainable practices. We build our own regional profiles to suit the needs of the international market and also work with a number of growers who are pushing the boundaries in terms of what roasters expect from Brazilian coffees. For more information check out our website:

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