London, GB
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AWESOME PEOPLE + SOUL FOOD At Blank we are more than just beautiful food. We are the place where people can disconnect to reconnect We started this cafe with one drive different from many other places out there - to not be in the business of making money, but to be in the business of making connections with like minded souls. To be a place where everyone can come together, put down the phones and connect within the room while enjoying EPIC harm-free food and drink All the stuff you eat from our cafe is 100% made by hand. We do this because we care about what you eat - think of us as your mother…ok that’s weird, but you get it At Blank, we love everyone that walks in to support our beautiful home. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, hungover or fit, human or pet…either way, we’ve got epic food and big hearts of warm love waiting for you x

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