Hand Cafe

London, GB

We are an independent neighbourhood cafe, which focuses on well-made, well-sourced food and beverage, that allows the cafe and therefore the customer, to support local and small-scale producers who care about what they make.  Hand is not a Greek cafe, but the food is inspired by a Greek approach to food, taking the values of simplicity, seasonality and good sourcing, into the brunch and lunch context. Not to mention, the inclusion of many Greek staples: olive oil, indigenous grape wines, pulses, cheeses, pastas, herbs, teas, spices.  The coffee is 'third-wave', and is made by disciplined baristas, we are proud to have worked with Square Mile Coffee for over seven years, and we aim to uphold their vision and principles in relation to coffee, just as our sister-cafe 46b Espresso Hut has done since 2012.

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